Top 10 Questions for Creditors

Top 10 Questions To Consider When Assessing Your Provider

You shouldn’t hire just any company. Make sure you’re getting the best people, the best value, and the best performance in the industry
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Can you trust them with what may be the largest asset on your balance sheet?
At the end of the day you'll decide to work with people you like and believe you can trust. Any agency who does not understand that they need to earn this trust daily will probably not work well for you in the long run. We're proud that so many clients, from Fortune 500 companies and major medical facilities to smaller businesses, have put their trust in us. Simply put, we do what we say we're going to do in the most consumer-centric manner possible, maximizing outcomes for all stakeholders. That's our commitment to you!
What reputation do they have with your peer group? Have you done your homework?
The best collection agencies quickly make a name for themselves, but so do the ones you should avoid. Do they do things the right way, with the right intentions, with the proper respect for the consumer? Ask some of your peers these questions before choosing an agency to work with. We’ll stack our reputation against anyone.
Does their style match your philosophical approach to debt recovery?
You've trusted your agency with a significant asset, but does the agency operate in a fashion that mimics your philosophical approach to serving your customers? At The Affiliated Group, we realize the importance of your customer relationships and commit to enhancing them.
Are they innovative problem-solvers? Do they offer alternative ways of helping you achieve your financial goals?
Different types of debt rarely behave the same way when standard collection procedures are applied. We constantly strive to improve our recoveries by employing various strategies intended to collect the most money in the shortest amount of time.
Do they serve your needs and are they truly looking out for your best interests? Are they responsive to your requests and proactive in their sharing of information?
Our goal is to ensure you’re always proud to be working with TAG. We want to be part of your team and act as though we are sitting right in your office doing our work. Your highest expectations being met is our goal!
Are their results better than average? Do they share their work standards so you understand exactly how they are approaching your customers?
Transparency is the key word here. By being open with our work strategies and results, we can work together to maximize recoveries. Our goal is to have a true collaborative relationship with our clients and sharing all information with them helps create the trust necessary for a long-term relationship.
Do they use the latest in technology, in a safe environment? Have they taken steps to ensure the privacy of your data?
Perhaps nothing is more important than the safety of your data. We've taken great steps to make sure that when you trust us with your information, you can be assured that it's safe.
Do they provide reports in the form of “decision-ready” information? Busy professionals need data they can use!
You have people counting on you to maximize recoveries, but you don't have time to chase down the data you need. No worries! Not only do we provide many custom and standard reports to show how we're performing, but we DELIVER them to you – DAILY. Each and every day you'll know exactly where our recoveries stand and you'll have the ability to compare them against the prior month and year so we can watch the trends together. We want you to have information that you can walk right into the board room with.
Do they employ the best people? Positive, professional, problem-solvers with integrity?
People are the backbone of any great business. At TAG, we're particularly proud of the nearly 100 years of experience in the collections industry of our top management. We keep our commitments and do the "right thing".
Are they compliant? Do they hold any form of quality designation such as PPMS (Professional Practices Management System), ISO, etc?
Compliance has become the number one requirement for creditors who are just as concerned about their reputation as they are about the amount of money being collected. The myriad laws, rules and regulations at the federal and state levels require collection agencies to be on top of things, tracking and measuring the extent to which they comply. TAG is one of very few companies in the world to hold a PPMS designation. PPMS (Professional Practices Management System) requires that all processes at TAG are documented, measured, and reported when non-compliances occur. Our clients take great comfort in knowing we're as concerned as they are about compliance and quality.